Bar Taco

Today, I am reviewing Bar Taco, which is located on 12th South here in Nashville, TN. It is an absolute must if you plan on visiting the area! The atmosphere is truly something special and is a wonderful place to grab some food with loved ones or friends. This restaurant has a lot to offer in terms of dishes, and the guacamole is unbelievable good! My recent experience was amazing, and I plan to go back very soon.

Just like many of the restaurants I have reviewed lately, the parking on 12th South can be a bit of a challenge, but Bar Taco does have complementary valet parking! This makes life a bit easier when dining at this restaurant. The atmosphere is truly electric and enhances the dining experience tremendously. The staff is amazing and very helpful when it comes to choosing what entrées to order. Most items are the menu only includes the entrée itself, so one has the option to try many different dishes.

I recently went to this restaurant for dinner, and I ordered a few different tacos. I tried a fish taco, a duck taco, and a chicken taco, and I enjoyed all of them! If I had to recommend one specific dish, I would go with the duck or chicken taco. They are full of flavor! Although I didn’t get to try the margaritas, I have heard from many friends that they are the best around, so if you were in the mood, I would highly recommend trying one. This place has a lot to offer from the food, atmosphere, and margaritas, so make sure to grab some friends and try this place out!


Blaze Pizza!

Today, I have decided to review a restaurant a bit different! The past few restaurants have been what I call “leisure” restaurants. Multiple courses and high levels of service warrant a higher price tag, but what about a restaurant that has great food and only takes a handful of minutes to get your food? I recently visited Blaze Pizza, which is in Brentwood, Tennessee (just outside Nashville). I love good pizza and this place sure didn’t disappoint!

Since we are moving further away from Nashville, available parking is easily found! The restaurant is open and has a social but relaxed atmosphere. Once arriving at the ordering line, a friendly employee takes your unique order. There are a myriad of options as far as toppings, types of pizza, or even whether you want it gluten-free or not. Everything is fresh and it is easily noticeable once taking your first bite! As stated above, this is a place where you can grab a quick bite to eat, so if you’re in the need for a quick family dinner or want to grab a snack with your friends, this is a great option!

After my recent visit, I built a pizza with fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, Italian sausage, fresh oregano, and sea salt. Because my pizza was so good, I had to take a picture of my friend’s pepperoni pizza (as seen above). I couldn’t control myself long enough to take a picture! This restaurant is very affordable ($10 per person), and I would highly recommend giving this place a try if you haven’t! It’s hard to find a delicious thin-crust pizza that doesn’t taste like all the “other” delivery options. In other words… cardboard. This open-fire style of cooking the pizza adds a smokiness, which boosts the flavor of the pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza?!

Stoney River (Birthday Weekend)

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend and decided to try another chain restaurant in the Nashville area! Stoney River has a few Middle Tennessee locations in both Franklin and Nashville, but I decided to give the Franklin location a try! Similar to BrickTops I reviewed last week, the food is of high quality and doesn’t have the feel of a chain restaurant. The overall decor is elegant and modern, which adds to the inviting, relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant spans multiple sections and rooms that can host a myriad of different occasions! The staff is absolutely amazing from the greeting hostesses to the managers. Service is something this restaurant truly values and it shows!

I have been to both locations and parking has never been an issue for me. Even during peak dinner hours, parking has still been an absolute breeze! To reiterate what was stated above, the atmosphere is very relaxing and truly creates an enjoyable dinning experience. This is a great place for a date night out, dinner celebration, or just another “night out” with the family. Out of all the restaurants I have reviewed, I would say this restaurant warrants the highest average cost per plate. After drink, appetizer, and entrée, I would say one is looking at spending around $30-$35. Of course, it depends on what you order, but again, it’s just an average.

Because it was my birthday, I ordered a Filet with a baked potato! My steak was served medium rare, which is exactly how I  prefer my red meats. For an appetizer, I got the Whiskey Shrimp, which is amazing! I would highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it! The jumbo shrimp is fresh and tender, not chewy or rubbery. Finally, for dessert I ordered the Chocolate Fudge Cake with vanilla ice cream. While it was very good, I would suggest sharing it between a few friends, because it is extremely rich. This is truly a great restaurant that has a wide variety of dishes, so if you are looking to treat yourself to a nice dinner, check this place out!


BrickTops is located off of West End here in Nashville and serves a wide-variety of high end dishes. First off, I know what you’re thinking… it’s a chain, but that doesn’t mean the food isn’t fantastic! While many chain restaurants do pump out low-quality, bland dishes, BrickTops seems to break this preconceived notion. The dishes are unique and full of flavor! BrickTops has a very crisp, modern decor and layout in its Nashville location. It is very spacious, spanning multiple rooms inside and out and allows for a very relaxing, private dinning experience, which is contrary to the restaurant I reviewed last week. The staff is extremely professional and seeks to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them with flying colors.

Unlike many Nashville restaurants, BrickTops has a plethora of available parking, so I have never had any difficulty finding free parking. The restaurant boasts a very relaxing, yet sociable atmosphere that can meet any occasion. Need a place to host a “friends night out,” a business meeting, or even a graduation dinner? BrickTops is another wonderful option!  The price-point of this restaurant is a bit higher than the other restaurants I have reviewed, but I would say that you could get away with around $20-$25 a plate.

It’s still burger week here in Nashville, so I ordered a Cheeseburger with French Fries. It was by far the best burger I have had in a very long time. It was cooked perfectly! The meat was tender and the bun was toasted which added a nice crunch. I have tried many dishes at this restaurant and would recommend the burger or Bistro Chicken! As for side dishes, the fries are fabulous and the Mac & Cheese is to die for. I consider myself a Mac & Cheese connoisseur, and haven’t found one I enjoy more! Please give this restaurant a try if you haven’t; you will not be disappointed!

Burger Up (12th South)

It’s Nashville Scene’s Burger Week here in Music City! In honor of this event, I wanted to review a burger joint for those who are interested in participating. Burger Up is located on 12th South here in Nashville, TN and offers a wide variety of items on its menu. Want a veggie burger, beef burger, or another type of burger? This place has whatever you are looking for! Burger Up’s welcoming restaurant has a very relaxed, social feel when first walking in the doors. It has one big open space with tables, picnic-style seating, and features a large outdoor porch. The staff is very friendly and personable, and seeks to make sure all of your needs are met when dinning at Burger Up.

Parking can be challenging especially during peak lunch and dinner hours. However, there is free parking up and down 12th South, so it’s not too daunting. The atmosphere, as mentioned above, is very social and the layout seeks to spark conversation between guests. The restaurant is on the smaller side, so there is a good chance you will be sitting right next to a stranger. I am an extrovert, so for me, I welcome an opportunity to meet new people! If you are more introverted or would prefer a more private dinning experience, I am not so sure this restaurant would meet your needs. However, I would highly recommend coming to this restaurant with a group of friends or with family, because again, it has a very inviting, friendly atmosphere and delicious food!

I visited Burger Up on Monday and ordered a classic burger. I believe that in order to tell if a burger is truly well prepared, you order it as plain as possible! My burger was fantastic and cooked to the exact temperature I requested. The appetizers are great here, so if you want a few recommendations that I have tried, I would go with the fried mac & cheese or the fried pickles. Both are fantastic and a great starter! As for dessert, I would recommend the chocolate ice cream sandwich! I truly enjoyed my lunch at Burger Up, so if you want to find a local burger joint that has great food and atmosphere, this is the place to go! If you have tried this restaurant, let me know what your thoughts are!

Tavern Midtown

Tavern Midtown is located off of Broadway here in Nashville, TN. While being called a gastropub, the food is truly amazing throughout the day! Not only is it a great spot for lunch and dinner, it offers brunch on the weekends which is absolutely fantastic! The Tavern has a very “Nashville” feel throughout the restaurant. It has modern decor with a rustic twist. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, so if you aren’t sure what is “good” on the menu, they can steer you in the right direction.

Since the Tavern is right off of Broadway, self-parking can be a bit of a challenge. However, there are meters up and down the street and a parking lot right next door that you can pay for by the hour. Thankfully, there is complementary valet parking during certain times! The atmosphere at the Tavern is very relaxed and yet, very social. There is a bar that has a large seating area and an upper-deck section that holds many more customers. Need a place to hold a business meeting or grab a quick bite with a group of friends? The Tavern is the answer!

After my recent visit for lunch, I order the Grilled Chicken Skewers, which is served with a sweet soy sauce over a bed of white rice. I would highly recommend giving this dish a try if it’s your first time dinning at this restaurant. In addition to this dish, the truffle chips are a great side that can be shared between two people! During my last visit, I spent around $20 on my meal, which I would say is average at this restaurant. I truly enjoy this restaurant and have never regretted coming back! Grab some friends, coworkers, or your significant other and check this place out!

Edley’s BBQ vs. Martin’s BBQ

Edley’s BBQ

Are you in the mood for some good BBQ and fun times? Just down the street on from the restaurant featured earlier, Edley’s BBQ is a Nashville staple also located on 12th South. The restaurant has a very inviting layout that spreads across two main eating areas inside and a spacious porch outside! Because of the amazing food and high brand recognition, there may be a line inside, but to pass the time, one can look at the countless, delicious options waiting to be ordered. Once placing your order with the friendly cashier, the customer has complete autonomy where he or she wants to sit, because the restaurant has open seating.

As for parking, there is a lot behind the restaurant that holds around a dozen or two of vehicles. This is where the iconic: “I Believe In Nashville” mural is located.  Of course, there is additional parking up and down 12th South, so parking is fairly easy to find! The atmosphere at Edley’s is very relaxed and enjoyable to eat at. Whether you are looking for a place to host a social gathering or wanting to have a relaxed date night with your significant other, Edley’s is another great option!

After my recent visit to Edley’s, I ordered the pork platter, which left me wanting more. The pork was tender and flavorful and Edley’s sure doesn’t go light on the portions it serves! As for sides, I always go with their Mac and Cheese and corn bread, which I would recommend trying if it’s your first time. Finally, for dessert, Edley’s has a variety of pies that seek to meet the desires of a broad array of consumers. For me personally, as long as it’s chocolate, I am satisfied. If you are looking for a place with great meats at an affordable price ($10 per person), I would highly recommend Edley’s BBQ for a family dinner or for a gathering with friends. It will not disappoint you!

The Comparison: (Edley’s BBQ vs. Martin’s BBQ)

When comparing both Edley’s BBQ and Martin’s BBQ, I prefer Edley’s for a few reasons. In my opinion, I believe the location, atmosphere, and food is of higher quality. With that said, I truly enjoy both BBQ joints, so the only way to settle this dispute is to give both a try!

Let me know which restaurant you prefer in the comments and let’s finish this debate!